CSCS Digital Storage and Retrieval Centre also offers Storage for Electronic Documents. Our output management solutions, known internationally as COOL (Computer Output On-Line) allow customers to store the electronic copy of their report or correspondence in the original electronic format. This saves physical paper storage space and allows for easy searching; for particular client records by criteria determined by the user, such as date and customer number or any other information contained in the document. With our web-based document management solution, you can search, select, view, print or email any document you want that has been stored. You can also track the exact location, movement and status of your information, even generate reports and manage your account.

The CSCS Digital Centre enables full text search capabilities, so you can take full advantage of an engine that is optimized for indexing and searching text information using proximity searches and other features. Our Document Management Software enables you to search, access, and view your complete digital documents. Using your password, protected log-in, and an elaborate choice of permissions that can be assigned to each document, you can then access your account: request specific documents, or search for groups of documents.

You are in total control of the information you need, when you need it, 24/7, from anywhere there is communication link to our network. CSCS Digital Centre has the capacity to store any size of electronic data or record, no matter the format. Our on-demand enterprise storage system can be scaled to more than 300Terabyte.
All our storage media have storage retention capacity of maximum life cycle, minimum of 50 years. Our professionally deployed storage facility is platform independent.


  • Delivers full-text indexing.
  • Provides rapid query results.
  • Offers support for various document types including: ASCII, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, PDF and WordPerfect.
  • Includes feature-rich capabilities such as multiple stop-word lists, proximity searching and synonym lists.


  • Simple web interface access reduces customer’s workstations hardware costs
  • Better Return on Investment for integrating this service in your corporate business model.
  • Easy access to all documents at the click of a button
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