E-Bonus is an electronically captured bonus shares into CSCS system that contains the normal specific bonus allocation for a given investor in place of a share certificate.

In the new procedure bonus issues are directly and electronically credited to the investors CSCS stock account as advised by the registrars.


  • With e-Bonus, client’s stock accounts are automatically and electronically credited with their bonus shares in CSCS system.
  • Shareholders can easily access and know their shareholding at a glance.
  • Based on client’s request Bonus shares are electronically detached and placed under the stockbroking firm of the client’s choice.
  • Shareholders can easily have access to their bonus shares immediately after bonus approval for disposal or update.
  • Transactions on Bonuses are made more dynamic.
  • Unnecessary time, waiting for certificates to be posted to shareholders is removed.
  • The risks of loss of bonus shares certificates in transit are eliminated.
  • Incidence of stolen certificate is eliminated.
  • The clumsiness of gathering bonus share certificates over  the years for stock account reconciliation becomes a thing of the past.
  • It internationalizes Bonus issue thereby placing Nigerian capital market same pedestal with international communities.
  • Paper work is reduced.
  • Cost of printing bonus certificates is eliminated.
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