Q: How do I confirm if a House is still trading before I engage their services?
A: This information can be provided by the Nigerian Stock Exchange, make all enquires to them. CSCS Plc. Is also in a position to give this information but the authority on it is the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
Q: Dematerialization of share certificates: Do I need my stockbroker to achieve this?
A: Yes you do, it can only be done through a broker.
Q: What are the requirements to dematerialize my share certificates?
A:Submit the certificate to your broker Ensure there is some form of evidence that the certificate has been submitted to the broker Sign the transfer form which will be provided by your broker. Your broker in turn will, submit it to a Registrar to verify the certificate The registrar will submit the soft copy to CSCS for uploading into the system
Q: What is a special account
A: Special Accounts are for investors who want CSCS to be in direct custody of their stocks. This will mean that no transaction can be made on this account except you mandate CSCS to release your stock to your stockbroker for such transaction.
Q: How do I identify my special account?
A: When you open a special account, CSCS issues you a special code. (This is different from your CSCS number-CHN).
Q: How often do I have to pay for a special account
A: Payment for Special Account is renewable yearly, you can pay for a couple of years at a time
Q: How do I open a special account
A: To open a special account you can download the form from this website or visit CSCS to collect/fill a form for the type of special account you want.
Q: What is the meaning of the error message 'Authentication Failed'?
A: This means that either your username or password is incorrect. Ensure you are using the correct login details or contact us to reset your login details for you.
Q: What are the benefits of monitoring my investment on CSCS portal?
A: The benefits of having 24-hour online access to your stock account are numerous, among which are: * Monitor your stock position regularly. * Know the "Buy" and "Sell" prices of your stocks. * Contact your Stock Broker for prompt reconciliation of your stock account. * Portfolio evaluation (know your net-worth at a glance). * Know your transaction history. * See your stock movement. * Know your certificate deposit details. * See historical information on all your transactions.
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