Workflow and process management is an essential element in organizing a variety of business processes. This solution allows businesses both large and small to define and track varying processes in order to increase efficiency. The Center’s workflow and process management solution can take care of bottlenecks associated with administrative bureaucracy ranging from basic to having thousands of state-of-the-art features, covering every aspect of business needs and processes.

Our customized software is a flexible environment that allows you to electronically capture and manage all facets of your business process from the comfort of your own office. For example, by using a simple web browser interface, a Project Manager monitor, manage and coordinate individual items, tasks and activities in a single view of all business process in context of the organization strategy, business plan and project plans.

Comments can be attached at each task level and new documents can be attached with the option to password attached documents to restrict other users’ ability to read a confidential document.

In addition to this, the CSCS Data Center would cater for the services of digital watermarking in order to ensure document image integrity. Any document scanned can have a visible watermark logo of choice imbedded on any 9 predetermined location points on the page, including size and density in order not to interfere with the content of the document itself. It is important to note here that courts in the United Kingdom have tested the integrity of digital watermarking technology chosen by the CSCS Digital Centre since 2002.


  • Provide an enterprise view of all business process via web interface.
  • Full event management and notification of key events with completion stage specified.
  • Provides document tracking system.
  • Digital image of the business process is stored for centralized reference purposes.
  • Image integrity is guaranteed.
  • Validate its confidential documents from their own offices.


  • Improved security of managing confidential business process.
  • Enhance Service delivery to customers
  • Reduce flaws in the system associated with human error.
  • Reduce the time spent on a specific task
  • Decrease over-head costs
  • Decrease resources associated with any task
  • Improve efficiency and overall quality
  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction
  • Allows any company to integrate its processes.
  • Improve your internal indexing costs by using our services online
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