Though CSCS operates in a highly regulated environment, which could pose challenges to high innovation, it has been recognized that flexibility/agility and a certain level of innovativeness are essential in some areas of the business for the Company to sustainably grow its core business as well as venture into other opportunities when identified. To this end, the company has adopted the Water/Wind strategy posture for which it will build capacity to rapidly obtain required resources to take on the fire posture.

This is a flexible posture with incremental innovation whose features include quick response to changes in environment, and to be a long-term player. This posture wins through speed, agility and flexibility in recognizing and capturing opportunities in existing markets.

Though in reality, the future is often uncertain and the state of the market forces is difficult, if not impossible, to predict, the company will continue to align to its vision and mission in order to deliver on her promises and goals for the good and benefit of the shareholders.

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